Derby Stand Up to Racism

Who we are:
Derby Stand Up To Racism is a new organisation which seeks to bring together anti-racists from across the city and campaign effectively to combat racism and celebrate our city’s diversity.
The group is still expanding but already consists of students, political activists, union activists, feminists, socialists, environmentalists and people of all faiths and no faith. We say no to racism, no to Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. We welcome migrants and refugees and wish to celebrate the positive impact of all of our communities in Derby.

We seek to build a large steering group which represents the rich diversity of Derby’s communities and can work together to share knowledge of ongoing campaigns and activities in the area, shaping the way the organisation develops. 

Affiliations are invited from Trades Unions, Political Groups, Faith Groups, Community Organisations and other campaigning organisations. If you affiliate we would hope that you would send a representative to steering committee meetings, which we see as taking place quarterly once the group is more established, supporting DSUTR activities where possible and shaping the sort of organisation we become. We also would invite any affiliated groups to make a financial contribution to the organisation where possible.
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