Derby SWP

Derby Socialist Workers Party is the local branch of the SWP, the largest revolutionary socialist organisation in the UK today. We believe that those who make everything in society (the vast majority of us) should decide how our resources are used and that the only way to build a better, fairer, more democratic world is for the majority to take charge of society directly.

We seek to build the greatest possible unity of those exploited and oppressed by capitalism in opposition to the capitalist system in its entirety.

We oppose all efforts to divide us: especially racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination against the disabled.

We meet weekly and discuss political, economic and cultural topics so that we are better able to be active in the struggles to build a better world.

Why not come along and meet us?

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  • Welcome to Derby People’s Diary

    August 28, 2019

    Due to a glitch, a map will only show for locations already in our system... when submitting an event, start typing the location and hopefully it will auto-predict... if not, people will see the full address you enter, if they click on the location name