Being better allies: How can we support people facing injustice?

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Date(s) - Sunday 03/05/2020
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Join us to explore how we can be difference-makers!
Are you noticing gaps in provision, policies and crisis ‘help’ that’s leaving some people behind?
What can we do about how the current crisis is having a more severe impact on some groups of people, most at risk?
Want to speak up and act to tackle unfairness, prejudice, hate and discrimination in day to day life?
Want to be an ally but not always sure how? Let’s explore it together

An ally is someone who speaks up about, takes action and supports the rights and needs of a group with which they don’t personally identify. It’s about not only caring about and acting on the challenges you face, but awareness, compassion and action to support people who face different barriers and disadvantages to you.

Together we will share know-how, amplify diverse voices and lesser-known experiences to deepen our insight, and explore the steps we can all take to reduce exclusion, under representation and misrepresentation to play our part in making the world a fairer place.

As always we will have some break-out ‘rooms’ for you to choose the discussions you want to join, where you can explore, discuss ideas and ask questions, and then we will gather together again to share feedback from each discussion, all using zoom online. We will send you the weblink and info on how to join the zoom gathering online – it’s very simple and user-friendly to take part and we’ll cover some tips at the start to help anyone new to using zoom too.

What do you think are the most important questions, issues, ideas or projects that we could be discussing in order for us to give better support to those that need it most?

THRIVE Solidarity Socials are an opportunity for us to discuss and take action on what matters most to us. It’s also a chance to come and connect, have company, explore, reflect, think and feel without any expectation or obligation to participate or do anything you don’t want to do.

If you’d like to put forward a discussion topic that you’d be willing to host on the day linked to this session’s theme then please get in touch or comment on this event page.

We shall update it as and when volunteers have decided on topic titles.

Lead facilitators Ruth and Vanessa will open the zoom event and share some guiding values generated by the Thrive community, to create a safe respectful space for exploring this topic.

Breakout discussion topics so far:

1. What does being an ally look like?
2. Finding the words to speak up – Vanessa
3. What is privilege and what can we do about it? – Sage
4. Handling our diversity mistakes and criticism
5. Self-care for empaths & change-makers – Keli & Sam
6. Create to express the oppressed and de-stress – Dani

We’d also love to encourage and welcome anyone that would like to help out more on the day. Please step forward to help out in anyway that you want; we would love some help to take notes of key points to share afterwards.

Access needs – is there anything you need to take part? Let us know in advance and we’ll try our best to get things ready for you so we can be good hosts. We are volunteers passionate about inclusion.

Finally, we’d be so grateful for your feedback, constructive criticisms, suggestions and help as we aim to improve the THRIVE Solidarity Socials in every way we can.

We THRIVE, together.


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