Community activism in times of crisis! What can we do in Derby?

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Date(s) - Sunday 09/02/2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Bramblebrook Community Centre


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As 2020 dawns a new decade we are confronted by various unprecedented crises that affect our communities and threaten our very survival on this planet.

From ecological collapse to a chronic holistic health crisis, political corruption to mass poverty and hunger, the long list of problems we face are vast and urgent.

Positive transformations are also taking place as grass roots movements for change spread across the globe. We, the people have the power when working together and can demand, build, heal and create the lives and worlds we want to live in.

Following the success of the the ‘Creating THRIVING Communities, together!’ events THRIVE would like to invite you to bring your passions, questions and ideas to this participant-led event where we’ll be exploring the solutions to the big problems we face.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate to whatever level we’re comfortable. If you want to sit with a cuppa in peace and quiet whilst others are talking, check out the social change library and read a book or mingle with a friend by the food or outside, that’s totally great.

We aim to create a space for all, children and adults, where we can all come together as a community and discuss, reflect, create and be a part of building the communities we want to live in.

We shall update the event page with developments as and when they occur and a schedule with more info shall be published closer to the time.

Please let’s start pulling together now by inviting as many as we think would be interested in this event as possible, sharing the event page and continuing to build community in whatever ways we can.

We believe that we THRIVE, together!


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