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Date(s) - Saturday 16/11/2019
7:00 pm

Derby Theatre Studio


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Magic is everywhere. Wear a dress and people treat you one way. Try a pinstripe suit and, abracadabra, it’s like you are a different person. They say beauty is just skin deep, then why is appearance so important to the way we are treated?
Fitting is about Matt’s adventures in dresses and suits and also has some magic tricks up its sleeve. From interactions with strangers at bus stops to transgressive explorations in charity shops, follow Matt as they navigate and explode the ground between gender binaries. Matt is interested in how appearances shape how we treat each other. Being visible being invisible. Making things appear and disappear.
In a show which plays with the idea of performance itself, Matt has brought along some frocks and some ties, some sleight of hand and some party poppers, some fitting in and some standing proud. Matt is neither a boy nor a girl but has been both. Matt will do their best, for you.
Matt will be performing. Playing out a version of themselves. Like we all do. After all, magic is everywhere if you look for it.
In turns, both comic and touching, Fitting explores our universal experiences of visibility, invisibility and finding new places to fit.
A theatrical genderqueer glamour fest, sprinkled with magic.


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