System Change not Climate Change – zine workshop

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Date(s) - Wednesday 21/08/2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

St Peters Centre foyer


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NB the time and venue have changed! We will now meet at 7.30 after joining a wider meeting at 6.30 about supporting the global youth climate strike, happening on September 20th. Hope you can make both meetings! (St Peters Church, opposite Costa on St Peters St in centre of town)


This is the second workshop for creating Derby Peoples Diary #3… we will be further developing the ideas so far which are outlined below.

PS we are looking for umbrellas (can be broken) and deckchairs if you have any spare!


If we are to deal with climate change in any meaningful way, we need to change the structures in society that have brought it about, and this would be a huge culture shift. We need more people working together, and to build understanding and links across society. We need a wider push for change.

This zine project is to go out to communities around Derby, talking about climate change and getting peoples views. Exactly how is what we need to work out. Here is a summary:

Outline of stages of project and the roles at each stage:

1. Now – Prep ‘pop ups’  – Creative

2. Summer – Start doing ‘pop ups’ – Community engagement

3. Autumn/Winter – Reflect and repeat – Being adaptable to redesign approach (this is an important point – we won’t design it and just keep repeating the same thing. We want to reflect and adapt and develop it as we go. From Autumn we also want to include students in the project)

4. Spring –  Create zine – Edit and layout

5. Spring – Launch event and workshop – Event organising and promotion


For stages 1-2 of the project, what do we need to consider?

What already exists about climate change in Derby?

Working out our approach

Working out where we could go

Need to get more people involved, get expressions of interest

Role plays – having difficult conversations (training ourselves)


What would a pop-up be?

Ideas include a variety of activities for adults and children, and visual props to attract people. We’re working on the visual theme of ‘Funny Weather’…

People need to understand why we’re talking to them, eg We’re producing a zine about “What does Derby think about climate change?”






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