Furthest from the Sea


Established in 2013, ‘Furthest From The Sea, Music Comedy and Arts’ is an arts organisation committed to showcasing and celebrating the diverse Derbyshire Arts scene.

Run by a passionate and dedicated team of artists, we aim to nurture and support home-grown talent and creativity with a ‘hands-on’ approach, working with performers and volunteers from around the region.

Based in Derbyshire, but operating nationwide, we believe in the power of art to rejuvenate towns and cities, to bring people closer together and and take pride in the place that means most to them – the place they call home. 

Building local relationships to ensure we deliver successful and meaningful events. 

We may be Furthest From The Sea, but we are at the centre of creativity in Derbyshire.



  • 2018 the year of the Zine

    April 23, 2018

    The Zine is here! Check out Derby Peoples Diary's mini magazine!

    Highlighting grassroots activity in Derby - get your copy at Sound Bites, 11 Morledge.