How did it all begin?

spread the word imageThis project came out of a conversation between two people at a climate change event, that led to another conversation between two people at a family board games night, where one of them said they could design the website, and they both committed to making it happen!

By the end of 2015 the website was ready, and we had a small group of people who wanted to help promote it and maintain it, and we’re still going!

We want to make grassroots activities and groups more visible, and maintain tools that are easy to access and run for people not profit.

A lot of events these days are mainly publicised through facebook, but not everyone is on facebook, or wants to be.

Now, event organisers can easily promote their events on here, and anyone can easily find out what’s going on. Most of the events are organised by grassroots groups, but we also welcome more mainstream events if they are raising awareness of social justice issues.

Derby Peoples Diary lists groups and events for everyone:

  • encouraging positive social movements that work for social justice and ecological sustainability
  • supporting a diverse and empowering culture of grassroots expression, learning, conviviality and wellbeing

Derby Peoples Diary is partly an evolution of the calendar that used to be in the Sound Bites newsletter, and you can still access community noticeboards in Sound Bites wholefood shop at 11 Morledge.

Featured Events

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Social Change Library

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  • Welcome to Derby People’s Diary

    January 8, 2021

    Instead of a map, you can see the full address of an event by clicking on the Location. Google Maps will no longer allow us to show a map without being connected to them in mindboggling wayss....