Why is it called Derby Peoples Diary?

The name Derby Peoples Diary had popped up a few years before, as an idea for making an actual A5 notebook diary inspired by the Wor Diary in Newcastle. Wor Diary is collectively made, and in their own words, its about celebrating the “underground history and culture” of their area. ‘Wor’ means ‘Our’ in Newcastle, so Derby Peoples Diary was a sort of translation. The paper diary didn’t happen here, but when the idea for this website came up, the name seemed to fit!

Several other projects in Derby have used the word ‘Peoples’ – Derby Peoples History group, Derby Peoples Assembly, Derby Peoples Kitchen, (now morphed into the Community Kitchen)… these projects are independent of each other, but all draw on the idea of ‘the people’, to express the aim of being collective and inclusive projects, from the community (or grassroots) – rather than top-down or exclusive.

There are many ‘peoples kitchens’ around the UK and in other countries, and more and more ‘peoples history’ books – reminding us that millions of people contribute to society and struggle to make a better future every day – we run Derby Peoples Diary to support this diverse movement of ordinary people helping each other, working together, and sorting out solutions.



  • Welcome to Derby People’s Diary

    January 8, 2021

    Instead of a map, you can see the full address of an event by clicking on the Location. Google Maps will no longer allow us to show a map without being connected to them in mindboggling wayss....