(maga)Zine Project!

STOP PRESS! START PRESS! Our summer 2019 zine will be launching on 29 June! See our event on the calendar. We will then be starting on our next one, and would love for you to be involved!

There is an amazing range of campaigning/community/creative grassroots groups in Derby, and we’re really excited about showcasing them to raise awareness, inspire people, and celebrate people’s achievements.

Our first DPD Zine had a profile per group – what they’d done in 2017, plans for 2018, and support they would like. There was also a map of venues, a bit of poetry, and some ads for training for community groups, free bike racks, and recycled resources.

We need help to make the zine more inclusive, put it together and distribute it – we want to do more! – if you can help in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Please Contact Us saying which role(s) you’re interested in:

reaching new groups
distribution (places and people)
cutting n pasting / drawing / design
website design
layout on computer
editorial team
fundraising for printing
other – please say what!

We want to thank the wonderful Sound Bites Derby, who acted as a city-centre collection point for fundraising for the printing costs for our first zine. Future zines will also be available there (or in Yaffle Cafe upstairs).

We look forward to hearing from anyone about this project, and hopefully seeing it grow!



  • We have maps again!!

    January 29, 2019

    However, a map will only show for locations already in our system... good news is lots of venues in Derby are in our system, so when submitting an event, start typing the location and hopefully it will auto-predict...