(maga)Zine Project!

See our first DPD Zine online. It has profiles of 27 groups in Derby – what they’d done in 2017, plans for 2018, and support they would like. There was also a map of venues, a bit of poetry, and some ads for training for community groups, free bike racks, and recycled resources.

Our #2 zine is probably still available from Sound Bites wholefood shop on the Morledge.

We need help to make the zine more inclusive, put it together and distribute it – we want to do more! – if you can help in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Please Contact Us saying which role(s) you’re interested in:

reaching new groups
distribution (places and people)
cutting n pasting / drawing / design
website design
layout on computer
editorial team
fundraising for printing
other – please say what!

We look forward to hearing from anyone about this project, and seeing it continue!



  • Welcome to Derby People’s Diary

    January 8, 2021

    Instead of a map, you can see the full address of an event by clicking on the Location. Google Maps will no longer allow us to show a map without being connected to them in mindboggling wayss....